HUM Studios

HUM Studios – Elevate Creativity with Analog Vibes and Lakeside Tranquility

Elevate your creativity at Hum Studios: Unveiling a 4-floor sanctuary adorned with analog gear, a cozy club, and a rooftop offering tranquil views of Hanoi’s West Lake. Step into a world where inspiration knows no bounds.

Our Services

Discover a harmonious blend of technology, community, and serenity at HUM Studios, founded by Italian DJ Marco Yanes. Nestled in Hanoi, this four-floor creative haven offers a 100% analog studio, a fully equipped club floor, a cozy lounge, and a rooftop with breathtaking views of West Lake.

Professional Studio Space

Unleash creativity in our Professional Studio Space at HUM Studios—where top-tier analog gear meets a dynamic environment for electronic music producers and artists. Elevate your sound, join the community, and redefine your musical boundaries.

DJ Lessons

Hone your skills with expert guidance at HUM Studios’ DJ Lessons. Elevate your artistry, master the decks, and ignite your passion for music in a tailored learning experience led by industry professionals. Join us and turn your DJ aspirations into reality.

Production Courses

Dive into the art of music creation with HUM Studios’ Production Courses. Unlock the secrets of production, refine your skills, and bring your musical vision to life. Join our courses and embark on a transformative journey into the world of electronic music production.

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Club Room

Immerse in the music scene at HUM Studios’ Club Room with a top-tier Pioneer DJ setup, Funktion One speakers, and customizable lighting. From vibrant nights to ambient recording, it’s the stage for unforgettable sonic adventures.

About Us

We are a passionate team dedicated to delivering exceptional results. With a focus on innovation and excellence, we are committed to helping you achieve your goals and dreams.

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Hear what our satisfied clients have to say about their experiences with us.

Wow, what an amazing space! Staff are super friendly, the kit is top level and in such a beautiful location. Very happy to see this studio in Hanoi. Boom!


I recently did a three day dj course at HUM and it was such an awesome experience. I felt that Marco taught in a passionate yet informative way, I learned a lot of techniques and understood the theory from a completely different perspective – very excited to continue learning after this experience. Would recommend to any music lovers who want to get behind the decks !


Went for the opening.
its a super nice place. The guys there have obviously thought it through. I loved the coffee I had and am looking forward to trying the cocktails.
the people I met that worked there were enthusiastic and friendly.
I’ll definitely be back.

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