7th November | Marco Yanes for Studio Adventure: 3 Years

Studio Adventure is a very familiar name in Hanoi, each time they host the event in a different venue to bring fresh feelings for the audiences. For the celebration of third birthday, you will immerse into an art driven space, filled with exhibitions of photography from Hanois Mei Lou Gani Nguyen – Photography. Work from Japanese hand collage artist Dai Rockin Shiro , from Osaka, represented by the prints of his creations. And Manikks painted canvas installations, that accustomed to take the breath away.

All accompanied by a comfort of different sound by carefully selected line up, spread through both levels from dusk till dawn, with live beat production and layers of vocal looping expressed by Tiny Giant, SLOWZ and 2Ts selection of groovy hip hop and soul vinyl digs, table tennis beats game of Hanois finest Manikk beat2beat Viet Anh.

While the basement will give you a dip into a space of underground darkness. The engine igniter from Japan – baseHEAD aka Shinsaku Yoshida, will start the journey with his trippy sound filled with bass. Hanois own acid bass pioneer, Humb, will continue the journey with his unique unexpected genre turns. The last night orbiter, Techa, will bring us to light by carefully selecting old school techno, house and electro tracks.

Sun beam lightshow, will be orchestrated by a METRO nights conductor – Zwi, with his timeless breakbeat, garage and techno gems while b2bing Marco Yanes with an always unexpected, but special set to finish the celebration while loosing yourself in a shade of dancing bodies.