About Antti

Antti-Juhani Manninen is a multi-disciplinary artist based in Finland, working mainly with sound and live performance. He collaborates with a large range of artists from contemporary dancers to fine artists, actors and musicians. He’s been lately interested in the absurdity of human behavior and modern condition, unheimlich, too slow techno, pc music, identity as a narrative, human body as a community, human mind as a structure, working and performing less in general, and performer’s presence and absence. He designs and performs pieces that investigate possibilities of performing, use of text in performance, questions of dissociation and alienation, intensified reality, care, empathy and sensuality, some cake, and a variety of neoprene shorts.

His works have lately been seen at:

La Nube di Oort gallery (Rome, IT)

Museum of Impossible Forms (Helsinki, FI)

Salon de Normandy by The Community (Paris, FR)

Performensk Festival (Minsk, BY)

Art Lab Gnesta (Gnesta, SE), Helsinki Festival (Helsinki, FI)

Tampere Theatre Festival (Tampere, FI)

Kiasma Museum of Contemporary Art (Helsinki, FI)

Mad House (Helsinki, FI)

Nordic Performing Arts Days (Odense, DK)

Publics (Helsinki, FI)

Ruisrock (Turku, FI) …among many others.