Epizode HUM Showcase: Di Linh

Linh is one of the two DJs HUM is bringing to Epizode. She started her career in music only a year ago, but she already built a name for herself in Hanoi and has played in clubs such as Savage, Kobala, Tet Club and Smack Dab, and performed in other events such as Snug, This is and Duality. 

We asked her a few questions about her style, her experience becoming a DJ and how she’s getting ready for Epizode

When did you start DJing? What were your early influences?

I started DJing one year ago when I was 21. It began very naturally. A friend gave me a small controller and 2 weeks later I had my first gig through a DJ contest. 

My music taste before that was wide and not stable, but I got more vision and experience by listening to many good sets in clubs, or on the internet and I learned a lot from them. I must say who inspired me the most were Bawrut, Red Axes and Kino Todo, amongst others. 

How could you describe your experience of becoming a renowned DJ in Vietnam in a predominantly male scene?

There are many good DJs around Hanoi. In my opinion, there is no difference between male and female DJs. It’s all about the music, I just want to focus on it, keep practising, learning and trying my best to give a fresh, good vibe every time to the crowd but also keep my own colour and enjoy myself at the same time.

What are your favourite genres? Which ones do you enjoy playing most? And listening or enjoying as an attendee?

Disco, House and Techno are my most favourite genres and it will depend on the place I play. For the future, I want to focus on Techno and have more chances to perform. 

You have a very important gig coming up – Epizode- How do you approach it? How do you prepare the material? 

Epizode is such a great opportunity for me and the biggest gig so far in my music path. I am very excited and I feel a bit of pressure at the same time. But it’s good pressure and it makes me want to dig more good music and do my best. I have never been to Epizode so I need to find out what kind of music there will be and who they book for the festival, to be more suitable.

How do you feel about performing in Epizode? And what other festivals would you most like to play at? Do you have any set goals or objectives for your professional career for the upcoming year?

Next year I want to build myself, my knowledge and perform outside of Vietnam. Beside Epizode there are many good festivals around Asia, such as Wonderfruit, Organik and many more in Thailand, Hong Kong, Japan. There are also very good clubs and festivals in Europe that I would like to play at someday.