Isabella Mavleeva DJ Press Kit
Isabella Mavleeva , a versatile DJ hailing from the cultural nexus of St.
Petersburg and currently finding her rhythm in the vibrant landscape of Hanoi,
weaves a captivating narrative through her eclectic musical journey. Her
dynamic style transcends conventional boundaries, embracing a symphony of
genres that includes Breakbeat, IDM, Techno, Jungle, D&B, Experimental, and
ambient soundscapes.
Isabella’s artistry is a testament to the convergence of diverse influences that
have etched a unique mark on her craft. As a co-founder of the “Annoying”
promo group, she curates immersive sonic experiences on her streams,
punctuating her sets with the distinctive flavors of IDM music.
While her journey has taken her far from her musical roots, Isabella’s early
fascination with Metal music, ranging from the raw intensity of Trash metal to

the pulsating beats of early Speed metal and the dark abyss of Doom metal,
has left an indelible imprint on her creative approach. These unconventional
influences thread a subliminal tapestry within her sets, crafting an ambiance
that is both hypnotic and enchanting.
Isabella owes a debt of gratitude to the thriving Russian electronic community,
notably in St. Petersburg, for nurturing her talent and providing the fertile
ground from which her artistic expression blossomed.
Since the year 2023, Isabella Mavleeva has been an integral part of the
esteemed HUM ( Hanoi Underground Movement) crew, a collective dedicated
to shaping and evolving the underground music scene in Vietnam.