Pako S

Born in Naples, Italy, Pako approached the club culture world when he was only 17. He enjoys experimenting with different types of sounds, but since the beginning, it has been clear for him which one represents him the most: deep house.

In the late 90’s he played as a resident DJ in Acadie (Calabria) and then for the group Angels of Love. He also played in the REVOLUTION project at Space club with Marbo and Dj Harvey, and in many famous Italian clubs such as Magazzini Generali (Milan), Ennennci and Disco Metropolis (Naples)

Pako was the organizer and resident DJ of the successful collaboration between Angels of Love and Carl Cox in 2003, and he had a short residency in 2008 called SITE-L at Pacha club, alongside Jay Haze, Cassy, Tini, and Jennifer Cardini, amongst others.

In 2008 he started his own label – Deependence-, which has released 12 tracks as digital and 6 on vinyl per year since then. That same year he also organized a new concept event called “Deep N’ Moning”. These events take place from noon to midnight, always outdoors and are inspired in nature.

He spent the next two years performing in Asia: he played in Indonesia at Kudetà, in Singapore at Zouk and in the Australian festival Playground, as well as in China, Shangai, and Hong Kong at clubs “Drop”.

In 2010, he organized “Who’s in Who’s out”, an event at OFFSónar in Barcelona. Italian labels such as Deependence took part in it at the Hotel Home.

In 2011 Pako moved to London and started his residency at Melt Music where he plays regularly.