When Marco invited me to record a Techno DJ set at HUM Studios, I was very excited. 

My boyfriend, who is also a DJ, recorded a set in the house genre too. As soon as we walked into the studio everything felt familiar. 

Marco showed us all the rooms and even something from his music producer studio. It was a very warm welcome. 

All of HUM’s guests quickly became friends. I had so much fun with my set. The small clubroom filled up and everyone danced enthusiastically. 

Marco liked my set so much that I was able to play a few more tracks out of the time. We were so full of positive energy that we all went to Club Savage. 

It was a wonderful evening and I would like to thank the team very much for the nice gift of being able to stream with them.


About Sarica

Music needs to energize, it needs to get people moving, to stir up emotions in them – it needs to be
During the turbulent times of the Corona pandemic, Sarica finally gave in to this passion and became
more than just a consumer of the scene. Day by day, collecting, mixing, and producing new sounds,
what once was a hobby began to grow. She quickly captivated the people surrounding her with her
honest approach to Techno. It wasn’t about being a performer – she was one with the crowd. An avid
dancer and by that a DJ, that was able to project her energy onto the crowd like rarely seen before.
Quickly more and more people became aware of Sarica’s sound: punchy, groovy, impulsive, and yet
soulful. In 2021 she started her residency with the famous Paradox Club in Augsburg, where she
could bring her distinctive Hardgroove sound onto their massive Funktion One sound system. This
opportunity only fueled her passion and put Sarica on the radar for a new audience. In 2022 her gigs
were not only limited to Germany but even expanded to the Asian continent where she built strong
relationships with the Korean underground scene and got invited to play at some of their most
influential clubs like Output and Shelter. Once back in Europe, the ride didn’t stop. In Croatia, she
played at the biggest club Boogaloo Zagreb, where headliners like Paul Kalkbrenner and Jeff Mills
already played. Aside from that she performed in one of Berlin’s most influential venues ://about
This only reinforced her commitment to the sound which she began to produce herself and release
on labels like “Not Equal Records” and „Sinope Recordings”. Her next Track will be released on VA of
an Argentinian record label by end of this year with well-known producers of the Groove Techno
In 2023 she founded her own DJ & producer collective from Munich called “GrooveRaiderz” with
focus on Hardgroove styles. Together with her partner “Rio” she is planning events and showcases
around Europe.
Even more established clubs now noticed that Sarica not only had the technical skills that are needed
as a DJ but even more importantly can translate her energy onto their dancefloor. Playing frequently
slots at places like Rote Sonne in Munich and Grelle Forelle in Vienna, which already exist for
decades, made them realize that Sarica draws people onto the dancefloor and there is no stopping
coming from there on …