Spacetravel stands out for his uniquely crafted sounds, all of which are
arranged in complex, fast-paced compositions where vibrant acoustic
textures, human emotion, and harmonies seamlessly merge. A native of
Sardinia, Italy, he grew up obsessing over the work of a diverse range of
musicians, from Pink Floyd to Aphex Twin to J Dilla and Underground
Resistance. Often drawing inspiration from the frenetic action and clunky
sounds of arcade games, his numerous skillful productions are infused
with a dizzying variety of styles. The end result is an intriguing blend of
captivating sound waves and intricate loops that always keeps the listener
engaged. Now based in Berlin, Spacetravel – as his name suggests – is an
individual who has long harbored a deep fascination with all things
futuristic. Equally inclined towards playful house textures and more

electro-leaning sounds, his innovative and experimental approach to
music-making has earned him recognition from some of the most
innovative labels in the contemporary scene. Since his debut release, the
exceptional “Galactic,” which was released on Binh’s Time Passes label, he
has accumulated credits on releases for notable imprints such as
Sonigawax’s Cabinet, Melliflow, Zip and Nikolai’s Perlon, as well as his own
emerging label, Traveling Without Moving. In 2016, Spacetravel released
his debut full-length album on Perlon titled “Dancing Therapy,” quickly
becoming another highly sought-after gem in the label’s extensive back
catalog. Touching on a range of topics, moods, and sounds, it expertly
encapsulated everything that is great about the label and the producer.
More recently, he returned to the acclaimed Perlon label with his track “No
More,” which was featured on the Superlongevity 6 V/A compilation
alongside celebrated acts such as Ricardo Villalobos, Baby Ford, and
Margaret Dygas. 2018 has proven to be another significant year for
Spacetravel as he made a return to Melliflow with his second LP, the
equally enticing “Ziusudra.” Revered as a DJ just as much as a producer,
Spacetravel’s intricate DJ style has led him to perform at some of the
world’s foremost nightclubs, including Panorama Bar and Club der
Visionaere in Berlin, Robert Johnson in Frankfurt, Concrete in Paris, and
Arma 17 in Moscow. With his futuristic and intelligent electronic music that
touches both the mind and soul, Spacetravel truly is a talent destined for