Anji embarked on her electronic odyssey in 2019, marking the inception of her
promising DJ career. Her passion for electronic music was ignited amidst the
vibrant backdrop of the “Rave Bridge” outdoor events on a secluded island in
the Far East of Russia.
As her journey unfolded, Anji’s rhythmic expertise found a home in the
Vladivostok promo group “omelet” in 2020, where she thrived as a resident DJ.
By 2021, she had embraced the role of Art Director at the gastro-bar haven
known as Cooperative, orchestrating unforgettable events in the illustrious
Laundry bar.

The year 2022 saw Anji’s transition to Hanoi, Vietnam, where she assumed the
role of Art and Promo Manager at the prestigious Hanoi Underground
Movement studios. This period of growth and transformation paved the way for
her to become a Hermosa community promoter, a Moscow-based initiative with
an expanding presence across Asia.
In 2023, Anji made significant waves in the music scene, co-organizing the
groundbreaking “Hanoi Underground Movement Anniversary” on the 25th and
26th of March. She further solidified her mark on the music landscape with the
“Hoi An Burns – Art and Music Festival” from the 20th to the 23rd of April. Anji’s
creative prowess was again showcased in the “Hermosa X HUM” event at
Mirage Night Club on the 26th of August.As a promoter for the HERMOSA
community, Anji orchestrated a groundbreaking event in collaboration with
Hanoi Underground Movement Community DJ residents and invited artists at
the iconic Mirage Night Club, etching her name deeper into the annals of
Hanoi’s music scene.
Anji’s DJ sets are a testament to her versatile artistry, continuously pushing the
boundaries of genre with each performance. She masterfully blends seemingly
disparate elements of House, Techno, Electro, and Break Beat to craft an
auditory journey that keeps the dance floor pulsating.
\Since the year 2023, ANJI has been an integral part of the esteemed HUM
( Hanoi Underground Movement) crew, a collective dedicated to shaping and
evolving the underground music scene in Vietnam.