Marco Yanes

Yanes was born and raised in Italy, where he developed a passion for music at a young age. He started experimenting with mixing and producing music in his early teens and soon gained recognition for his unique style. . Yanes’ music is a fusion of various influences, including techno, house, and minimalistic organic sounds. His sets are characterized by their unique soundscapes, which transport listeners to different dimensions and take them on a journey through various moods and emotions.In 2017 Yanes decided to move to Vietnam to explore new opportunities and develop the underground music scene there. He started organizing events and collaborating with local musicians and producers to promote the local scene.Over the past five years, Yanes has established himself as a key figure in the Vietnamese music scene. He has opened HUM music Studios and started organizing events and activities to support and promote local talent. His unique sound has evolved to include more techno elements, and he has become known for his hard-hitting, energetic sets.Today, Yanes continues to push the boundaries of his music and explore new opportunities to promote underground music in Vietnam and around.